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Conquer the ridge

The name alone – Conquer the Ridge Half-Marathon – might sound slightly daunting. But grab a friend and it’ll feel more like fast walk in the prairies on a Saturday morning. Plus, you’ve got plenty of time to train for Medicine Hat's only half marathon.  

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You can opt to run scenic trails on your own and do all 21 K, or share the load with a buddy and each do 10.55 K. We’ll leave it up to you to decide who begins or finishes the race. Either way it's a great way to #JoinTheUnion and get #OffTheCouch.

Once you've crossed the finish line, you’ll feel good knowing that the proceeds have gone to support a good cause – youth athletics in Medicine Hat. 

Discover Medicine Hat while attending Conquer the Ridge. Plan your adventure...

The event goes Oct. 14. 


Conquer the ridge

EARLY BIRD Rate (Available until Aug. 30)
$48 for full ½ marathon ($65 after Aug. 30)
Or as a pair $35/each ($50/each after Aug. 30)

Register here.

Conquer the ridge

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