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Tongue on the Post

Medicine Hat's Tongue on the Post Festival is Alberta's winter folk festival held at the historic Medalta Potteries and other venues around the city. Festival-goers are treated to music at the unusual but highly acoustic atmosphere of a pottery factory turned into an interactive museum. Either come to listen to headliners or participate in workshops where the music bounces and swirls around the ceramics and off the brick kilns. It’s a visual and acoustical treat.

Read Elizabeth Chorney-Booth's take on this year's festival and get excited.

From Jan. 23 – 28, 2017 cosy up to five days of truly great folk music featuring artists such as Gord Tentrees, Ryland Moranz and Samson’s Delilah and many other Western Canadian folk favourites. The entire city of Medicine Hat gets into the act with Free concerts during the week. Watch for details about the Singer/Songwriter Night on Friday the 27th and all-day festivities all day Saturday at the Medalta Potteries.

More details to follow, but here’s what we can tell you now.

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  • Gord Tentrees and Jaxon Haldon

  • Ryland Moranz

  • Samson’s Delilah

  • Richard Inman

  • More to be announced soon.


For ticket information and additional festival details visit: http://topfest.ca

Featured Artists
Gord Tentrees

How many vocal artists are also golden glove boxers? Not many. But by pulling up a chair and listening to the songs and tales of Gord Tentrees you’ll be intrigued by his take on life. The songs are deeply personal, moving, melodic and sometimes a humorous look at life. Gord is Yukon based, an Ontario raised farm boy, golden glove boxer, school teacher, youth counsellor turned folk artist. With a background like that - of course there will be stories!

Ryland Moranz

Whoa…wait for Ryland to go wild on the banjo! Your toes will do everything but stay still. This Lethbridge-based artist plays the stage from Whistler, B.C. to Montreal,QC entertaining audiences with his concise and lyrically driven songs. Sometimes politically satirical are often offset with fun-loving humour. Expect Ryland to accompany himself with acoustic and electric guitar, harmonica, piano, mandolin and that banjo he cracks loose in the song Dangerous Man. 

Sampson’s Delilah

Sampson's Delilah

Trying to label the music of Samson’s Delilah is impossible. Their fusion of Latin guitar, reggae and rock opera will keep you entertained throughout the concert. Both Seth Macdonald and Shara Gustafson were born and raised in Dunster, B.C. and are well known in the folk and festival scene in Alberta and B.C. They have opened for Alex Cuba, Matt Andersen and Oscar Lopez and shared the stage with so many more. Their first ful-length album, “Unfinished Humans” was released in June 2016 and they're anxious to share it on the stage at Medalta Potteries.

Richard Inman

Top Fest

A mic and a guitar is all Richard Inman needs to capture your attention. The soft-spoken artist from Winnipeg is quickly becoming a staple in the folk and country scene. His butter-rich voice, light touch on the strings pull you into the stories from his heart.


Ticket information is still to be announced. Keep checking back for updates.

Additional Information

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