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The spectacular setting of Waterton Lakes National Park is home to more than 50 per cent of Alberta's wildflowers. That's more than any other Rocky Mountain national park. More than 50 of Canada's rare flowers grow in Waterton, 30 of which are found only in this park.

From beargrass to orchids, nature is on display in a panorama of blossoms among the prairies and peaks. This amazing diversity of wildflowers will be celebrated at the 10th Annual Waterton Wildflower Festival.

Schedule Of Events

The Trail of the Great Bear and partners organized this nine-day event, which features more than 80 educational courses and events on wildflowers, plants and ecosystems, as well as photography and art workshops. In the evening there will be local entertainment and evening slide shows.

Some events will have participants seeking wildflowers on horseback, by cruise boat, and on foot as they learn about wildflower identification and wildflower habitat.

Paint a botanical watercolour, relax with some afternoon tea and enjoy the peace of nature.

Events are led by qualified professionals, including talented wildflower photographers Paul Gilbert (author of Wild Colours and Wild Light books), Steve Harrington and Frans Brouwers; botanical artist Margaret Best; naturalists and scientists, John Russell, Dr. Brian Reeves, Jo-Anne Reynolds, and Lyndon Penner.

Visit Waterton's official events schedule for the most up-to-date 2017 schedule. Full details on registration price for each event will also be listed.

More Information

Waterton Wild Flowers Festival Official Website