Company News

Nov. 4/15 | Seekers Media's smartphone content production workshop

July. 2/15 | City of Cranbrook launches social media reporter network

June. 5/15| Seekers Media forms The Collective

Jan. 9/15 | Seekers Media launches most ambitious video production project to date

Sept. 19/14 | Seekers Media announces 2014/15 Team of Content Producers

Oct. 10/14 | Seekers Media wins 2nd Award of the Year for Innovative Tourism Partnership

Jan. 27/14 | SnowSeekers celebrates its fifth birthday

Feb. 12/13 | FestivalSeekers expands its coverage to British Columbia

Dec. 6/12 | SnowSeekers has the west covered with the addition of six new writers to its correspondent network

Aug. 6/12 | Seekers Media welcomes Lisa Monforton

Aug. 2/12 | This July, FestivalSeekers online audience grew almost 20 times over the same time last year.

June 7/12 | Seekers Media, the producers of SnowSeekers and FestivalSeekers, is pleased to announce a new partnership with the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) around the furthering of its smartphone app interests.

June 5/12 | DinoFest attracts over 5,000 people through the weekend

Jan. 25/12 | Seekers Media launches a correspondent network, generating additional media exposure for destinations, attractions, and tourism amenities

 Sept. 16/11 | Seekers Media's network explodes

 June 6/11 | SnowSeekers takes on Corus Entertainment and one of the world’s leading video game makers at the Digital Alberta Media Awards

 June 6/11 | Seekers Media launches FestivalSeekers, the Guide to Festivals

 June 2/11 | Seekers Media President Jim Barr joins the Chairman of 20th Century Fox TV and Head of Content for Google TV to speak at the upcoming Banff Media Festival