Seekers Media launches FestivalSeekers, the Guide to Festivals

– June 6, 2011

EDMONTON, AB — From the founders of SnowSeekers, an online and mobile guide to winter in Western Canada, comes FestivalSeekers, an online and mobile guide that unlocks the bests of festivals year-round.

The all-encompassing festival guide you've been waiting for, was created to fill the void in the festival community by providing a one-stop-shop for festival-goers. Traditional marketing channels routinely showcase only the most internationally recognized Canadian festivals, leaving out many other amazing opportunities. 

"Everybody knows about the Calgary Stampede and the Edmonton Folk Fest and all these outstanding, world-renowned festivals," said FestivalSeekers' Manager of Communications Rick MacDonnell. "But there are so many smaller, out-of-the-way festivals and events happening in this part of the country that people should be taking notice of. From the Falher Honey Festival to the Battle of the Rockies to the Taber Corn Fest, there are dozens of cultural experiences to be had if people just had a way of learning about them."

And that's where FestivalSeekers comes in. Finally, fans of Music, Arts & Culture, Food, and Sports festivals have a place to go to discover festivals and share them with their friends. Through articles, videos, photos, social media feeds, schedules, coupons, visitor information, and community involvement, FestivalSeekers looks to revolutionize the way you experience the festival season.

FestivalSeekers is proud to partner with SHAW TV to produce 10 episodes of FestivalSeekers TV through the 2011 festival season. Each week on SHAW’s stations across Canada, FestivalSeekers will go Behind the Scenes of an Alberta festival to show you who will be there, what you can expect, and why you need to make the time to go. 

“For the last three years, SnowSeekers has partnered with SHAW TV to bring our audience SnowSeekers TV, a inside look at the ski industry in Western Canada," said FestivalSeekers' President (and its parent company, Seekers Media) Jim Barr. 

"With FestivalSeekers, we couldn't be more excited to take what we've learned over the last three years and apply that to summer and the festival scene. We plan on bringing in all forms of new media to help tell each destination's story."

From music, to sports, to arts and culture, to food fests, FestivalSeekers delivers you the best of the fests in one convenient spot. Research well-known festivals to discover this year’s line up or check out events you never even knew existed.  

Make a spur of the moment road trip this weekend. FestivalSeekers can provide you the insight required to come back with stories your friends or family will be jealous of.

"After experiencing SnowSeekers TV on television, people can head to our site for editorial and photos on their next festival destination of choice," said Barr. "This all adds up in helping us secure our goal of becoming the most trusted source for information on Western Canada’s festival scene.”