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A Taste of Edmonton Festival is one of the city’s most popular festivals, with 500,000 people attending it every year. Entering its 33rd year, A Taste of Edmonton is a dazzling array of tastes and sounds that fill Sir Winston Churchill Square, and it reflects the vitality and dynamism of the city.

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This year the tastes will celebrate Canada 150. 

Live music and an array of food styles from around the globe will make for a delightful 10-day experience. Musical headliners will be announced soon.



Entrance to the A Taste of Edmonton Festival is free. Tickets for food and drink can be purchased at the ticket booths on location. The cost of food and drink items range from one to five tickets. Visit our ticket page for information on ordering tickets.

More Information

Check the Festival Map so you know where each food vendor will be and what they're serving

ATTENTION: Pets are not allowed at the festival. Pets are not permitted anywhere that food is being prepared.

Look to the right for the latest updates on the Facebook and Twitter feeds.

There is so much information and the menu is giant, so we figure it's best to send you over to the official festival website to get all the details. 

Hit the lake after filling your stomach with amazing food? Head to north of Edmonton and #TakeItToTheLake. Details here.

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