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The annual Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival takes place August 11-21, 2016. Fringe Theatre Adventures (FTA) has donned their bell-bottoms, pulled up their tube socks and wistfully gone back to the era of record stores and jumpsuits. Get swept up in what it means to be fringed and confused with a ‘throwback’ to our early years.  “Anything can happen at the 35th Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival!” says Murray Utas, Program Director for FTA. “The theme, ‘Fringed and Confused!’ is a bit of a “Throwback Thursday” inspiration. Since arriving at FTA last year, I have spent a lot of time learning the grassroots history of the Festival; how themes came to be, and what is different now from then. Looking back, I thought what better time to do a ‘throwback’ to that grassroots spirit, which really started in the '70s. The '70s to me were about innocence…sunshine, happiness, community and gathering, just like the Fringe.” 

FTA wanted to build on that feeling and reached out to the community with a call for illustration to see what the theme ‘Fringed and Confused!’ meant to the public. Nine submissions were received from artists ranging from graphic designers, painters, to illustrators. After all the submissions were reviewed, Gerry Rasmussen’s artwork was chosen. A few tweaks and additions were made to Gerry’s artwork and the result is the official artwork for the ‘Fringed and Confused!’ theme. 

Schedule Of Events

No details have been revealed as of yet about the 10 days of Fringe. 


Programs, festival passes, and single tickets go on sale August 3, 2016 at noon For more information, check the Fringe Facebook and Twitter feeds located on the right for the newest updates or visit the Fringe Theatre Adventures website