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Salmon Arm is the centre of the action in the interior of B.C.  bringing thousands of people to the quiet little town on the shores of Shushwap Lake. From Aug. 19 - Aug. 21 the 24th annual Roots & Blues Festival offers a deep pool of talent in an array of genres. With more 30 acts, including Adrian Nation, Amy Helm & The Handsome Strangers, Colvin & Earle and Delhi 2 Dublin taking to the stage, it’s going to be a great weekend.

Check out Drew Anderson’s story about the event and start making plans to stop in at this fesival. 

Salmon Arm is easy to find and so is the festival. For blues fans from Alberta, Salmon Arm is only six hours from Calgary with no tricky turns — just straight west on the TransCanada Highway. It’s just about the same time for festival fans from Vancouver — five hours east on that same highway.

Featured Artists TBA here is a list from 2016


Guitar builder, rugby player, carpenter, martial artist, climber, the list goes on and is reflected in his musical catalogue. Here is an artist who can’t sit at home waiting for imagination to create the songs, rather he goes and finds the places in life where songs can be found.


2015 has been a grand year for singer-songwriter and bandleader Amy Helm with her chart topping debut solo album Didn’t It Rain and a string of rave reviews for her soulful and spirited live shows.


Led by Doug Andrew who came out of the punk scene via Shanghai Dog, has been aptly described by Tom Harrison of the Vancouver Province as being “ an act led by a great songwriter…with an extraordinarily sympathetic band…combining for a weird mix of musical eclecticism built on a dark folklore”.


Shawn Colvin and Steve Earle both remember the night they met. It was nearly 30 years ago, and Colvin had been invited to open a solo acoustic performance by Earle at the Iron Horse in Northampton, MA. Though their interactions that night were limited to some cursory dressing room pleasantries, each left more of an impression on the other than they may have realized at the time.


If you were wondering whether ROOTS&BLUES was intending on inviting musicians who can collectively whip an audience into an absolute frenzy this summer look no further than one of this continent’s most arresting and explosive live acts, Vancouver’s Delhi 2 Dublin.


Purchase a full weekend pass starting at $169, with options to buy full-day and evening-only tickets offered throughout the festival.

Youth/Student 13-(19+) passes $105.

Senior (65+) passes $129

Visit the official Festival website to purchase tickets

Tents, RVs or campers are all welcome at the campground. Check the official camping page here for more information.

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