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A world-renowned festival which has been inspiring, educating, and engaging young children through performing arts since 1978. With featured performances by some of the world's most talented and engaging artists, there is something for any child, whether he/she is just learning to walk and talk, or can't stop running around. Originally taking place at Vanier Park, the festival decided to move its location to Granville Island in 2011 to support the growing needs of the festival.

Schedule Of Events

This year's festival features a wide variety of performances that will keep audience members of all ages engaged. From dazzling perfomances, to educational showcases, these performances will definitely put a smile on the face of everyone in the audience.

Take a look at the Lineup page for a summary of the featured performances, and the Activities page for a list of creative activity zones kids can take part in.


Each show ticket includes access to all on-site activities. 

Admission: $12.50

For more information, visit the Official Festival page.

More Information

Visit the official website to see the finer details of the festival. Also check out the twitter feed to the right for the latest news.