Lake Louise Wonderfall

Lake Louise Wonderfall

A month long celebration of the colourful fall season in Lake Louise.

Festival Dates: -
Festival Type: Arts & Culture
Community: Lake Louise
Province: Alberta

Wonderfall in Banff and Lake Louise

The days may be shorter but the autumn weather can be glorious. Then there's the fact that the summer tourists have gone home and the larch trees are about to burst into brilliant hues of yellow. The aptly named Wonderfall takes place around Lake Louise and offers plenty of cool activities, events and special packages to celebrate this sunny feel-good season. Read Paula Worthington's story about the golden days in Lake Louise.

Image removed.Fall is the perfect time to check out Banff and Lake Louise.
Photo by @PaulZizkaPhoto

Plan  a hike through the golden larch trees which provide a stunning contrast to the dramatic Canadian Rockies, evergreen valleys and  brilliant blue lakes. Sign up for a guided hike or bike to learn about the history, flora, and fauna of the Lake Louise area. Looking for a more authentic western explorer adventure? Take a wilderness horseback trip on the same trails ridden by the early outfitters, or learn some new photography skills, take the Tea House Challenge, or check out some local art.

Whatever you decide to do, there good food awaits at some local restaurants who have created special menus that reflect the season.  

Image removed.Make time to relax and just enjoy autum light in the Canadian Rockies.
Photo by @thekylegoodman

Throughout the festival, local businesses are offering great deals on accommodation packages

Visit the official festival page for details on the activities, dining specials, accommodation packages, and everything else.

Be sure to check out Paula Worthington's story about the golden days in Lake Louise.

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