Powell River Logger Sports

On July 15th - 17th 2016, the 21st annual Powell River Logger Sports takes over Willingdon Beach. See eight Canadian Championships, two world Championships and two North American Championships get claimed all in one wild weekend.

* 2021 dates pending
Community: Powell River
Province: British Columbia
Festival Type: Sports


The art of logging sports is alive and well in Powell River, BC. Enjoy a weekend full of incredible competitions with over $60,000 worth of prizes to be won. Competitors from all over the world including New Zealand, Germany, USA, and Canada will be in Powell River to claim eight Canadian Championships, two world Championships and two North American Championships - more titles than any other show on the Canadian Logger Sports Circuit. Tweet this page.

Featured Events

Chair Carve - World Championship

Carvers from around the world will head to Powell River to compete in the World Championship Chair Carve. Competitors will be tasked with carving a beautiful chair out of a log by using chainsaws. 

Canadian Championship - Springboard

Competitors cut two staggered springboard notches in one side of a tree. Once the boards have been set into the board holes – or notches – the entrants climb to the top board and chop halfway through the tree. Once completed, they return to the ground only to start up the other side of the tree to complete the cut. Intermediate and Novice competitors are only required to use two boards, going up one side of the tree.

Canadian Championship - Tree Climb

Tree climbing isnt for the faint of heart. 
Photo by Powell River Logger Sports

Considered one of the most strenuous and physically demanding of the events, tree climbers must ascend an 80-foot tree which tapers off at the top, and fly back down again before their competitor. Because of the size difference in the pole from bottom to top, adjustments to the climber’s rope are made throughout the two-way climb. A lightning-fast twenty seconds or less is all it takes for top competitors to finish this exciting event.

Open climbers ascend all the way to 80 feet and back down; however, the competition is made a little easier for intermediate and novice classes to encourage as much participation as possible. Intermediates climb to the 60-foot mark and back down. Novice climbers also go to the 60-foot mark, but the trip back down is not timed.

For a full list of scheduled events please check out the official website here.

Underhand Chop - Canadian Championship

Strength is a must in the Underhand Chop event, though technique usually determines the winner. Footholds are cut on an anchored block where contestants must chop halfway through the block they are standing on and turn around to complete the chop from the other side.

Chokerman's Race - Canadian Championship

In a head to head battle, two contestants race across logs secured in the birling pond carrying a 34-kilogram, eight-metre-long standard rigging choker; and this is just the start. Once clear of the frigid waters they must jump across two log obstacles and set the choker to a dummy pole, and then they are required to dash back to where they started to end the race in the midst of laughter and cheers from the audience.

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* 2021 dates pending