Tough Mudder

Tough Mudder

Whistler is ready to host the Tough Mudder race. This test of strength and determination attracts people from all over who like to get down and dirty and play hard — but also have fun doing it.  

Festival Dates: -
Festival Type: Sports
Community: Whistler
Province: British Columbia

Are you tough enough to face down the Ring of Fire or the Arctic Enema? We thought so, too. Set in the beautiful setting of Whistler, B.C., with spectacular views and terrain is what makes this the perfect setting for the adventure-filled competition known as the Tough Mudder. This year's race will be a gruelling 18 to 20-kilometre course. With a combination of rugged mountain terrian, and beautiful lakes and rivers, Whistler's Tough Mudder course is one of the world's best. Get some friends together and sign up to see if you've got what it takes to wear the badge of courage - the orange headband. 

New 2017 Obstacles

2017 is going to be epic! 10 new obstacles are being introduced.

Augustus Gloop
Mudders will have to climb a waterfall while inside a mine shaft! They will need to fight against the constant downpour of water while climbing.

With nowhere to go but down, keep sights set on the next ring and keep on swinging.

Snot Rocket
Slogging through chest-deep water will have Legionnaires gasping for air.

The Block Ness Monster
Push your way through 60ft of slick rotating bars and with your team; make your way through one of the highest-rated obstacles!

Visit the official event website to find out what all the new 2017 obstacles!

Get A Team Together

Create a team or join as an individual. You can have as many members on your team as you want because the Tough Mudder is a competition built on teamwork and no one gets left behind. Most participants sign up as a team to make the experience more accessible to everyone.