Medicine Hat, Alberta is known for a lot of things — a big reserve of natural gas, the sunniest skies in Canada, a historic ceramics industry — but did you know it’s also a destination for coffee lovers? #DareToExplore destination tip - fuel your creativity in Medicine Hat via an artisan coffee tour experience.

Clarence Buchanan likes to tell the story about how two women walk into Wood Buffalo Brewing Company and each order a Coors Lite.  

After getting tossed out of a bathtub on the waters off Nanaimo's Departure Bay, all Jamie Garcia could say, with a giant smile splashed across his face, was, “Does that thing ever rip!”

Spring is the time to get out and explore and feed our awakening senses from the slumber of winter. There’s no better way to welcome the beauty and arrival of spring than to head to Nanaimo in March for Festival Nanaimo.