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FestivalSeekers About Us

The options are endless. There are a mind-boggling number of possibilities in Western Canada to enjoy festivals celebrating anything you can think of - from food and beverages to music and culture and sports.  

FestivalSeekers is dedicated to helping our audience make the most of their festival experiences, by providing you with up-to-date and fun content that we know will help you do just that. Visitors from around the globe trust FestivalSeekers to deliver this content whether it's online, mobile or through social media.

Check out our website to get inspired about your next festival for details, tickets plus other activities you can do while visiting a destination. Be sure to let us know about your travels by using our #FestivalSeekers hashtag.

Working together with tourism groups, tour companies, resorts and associations, FestivalSeekers uses innovative ways to keep you informed about the festival scene. As avid festival-goers, our mission is to deliver timely, relevant, and inspiring content to help plan your trips around B.C. and Alberta. 

Our goal is to ensure visitors have as much fun as we do. We're pretty proud of where we live, and we want to share it. 

FestivalSeekers is a part of Seekers Media, one of Canada's top content production companies.