Your essential gear list for summer festival season


Your essential gear list for summer festival season

Michele Leyenaar

You’ve been there before – standing at the gates or waiting in line among several or hundreds of others. Then someone pulls open their backpack and takes out their wireless mobile charging stand. Of course! That’s what you forgot to bring!

Festivals can be days’ long or totally spontaneous and you need to make sure you have some essentials to make the most of your adventure. Let’s run a check now and see if you are ready.

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Weather protection

We’re talking protection from the sun, like hats and sunscreen, but also protection from colder, wet elements. The worst thing is to check the weather in anticipation of a sunny weekend only to be caught in the rain with flip-flops and no jacket.

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A change of shoes

As already mentioned, you don’t want to be caught in the rain wearing sandals but keeping your feet happy for unexpected adventure is a must! Flip-flops or sandals are perfect for short walks and lounging, but what about those times when you’re on your feet all day, or dancing for hours or having to walk a long distance to get to the ATM machine? A sturdy pair of sneakers or loafers could be your best friend.

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Gadgets, mobile devices and other fun stuff

Your cell phone is probably always at the top of your list of things to bring, unless of course it’s second nature to have it attached to your hip and putting it on ‘the list’ is kind of redundant! But how will you charge it if you don’t have some gadgets? Wireless charging devices and battery-operated compact chargers are perfect for festivals because you don’t need an electrical outlet.

Binoculars and a spare digital or instant camera are just as good as your cell phone when it comes to capturing moments and getting all there is out of the festival. Sure, you can’t post to Instagram right away, but if your mobile device is charging, or worse, dead, and you have a perfect photo op, now what are you going to do? Just don’t forget spare batteries!

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Lawn chairs and blankets

If you’ve purchased tickets to a festival and you’re expecting to stay a while, chairs and blankets might sound obvious. But how many times have you gone to an event spontaneously, or maybe with the preconception you won’t be there long, and it turns out to be a stellar time? For the duration of the summer months it’s probably best to just keep blankets and chairs in the trunk of your car.

Absolute necessities

Water, water and more water! If you ‘re at a music festival where there will be dancing, it’s important to stay hydrated. And while on the topic of hydration, carrying lip balm isn’t a bad idea either. Only take the credit cards and ID you need – there’s no sense carrying everything you would normally carry in your wallet. Take some cash, your ID, a debit card and maybe one other. Keep them close to your person with a travel wallet or body pouch.

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