FunnyFest Calgary Comedy Festival

The annual FunnyFest Calgary Comedy Festival features 11 days and nights of comedy with 70 performers at nine venues and non-stop punchlines.

* 2021 dates pending
Community: Calgary
Region: Calgary & Area
Province: Alberta
Festival Type: Arts & Culture

The 18th Annual FunnyFest Calgary Comedy Festival, founded and produced by Stu Hughes, was conceived as a way to spread the gift of laughter by showcasing a world of hilarious comedy performers. Funnyfest is a truly original comedy celebration with every show and theme pushing the envelope.

FunnyFest is a non-profit organization produced entirely by volunteers, which actively promotes mental and physical well-being through a number of unique comedy shows delivered by some of the finest comedy minds of the world. It's a non-profit organization produced entirely by volunteers.

Schedule Of Events

This comedy festival offers more than 70 performers in 11 days and nights of comedy — from highbrow to lowbrow and everything in between.

A minimum of four to eight comedy performers per show with shows averaging 90 to 120 minutes in length. Please visit the official page for the Comedian Roster. 

For a full schedule of events check out FunnyFest's calendar page.


Tickets: $20

Festival Pass: $199

Ticket information is available on the Ticket Info page.

More Information

Check the offical Venues page to see where the jokes will be.

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* 2021 dates pending