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Balkan, Banff's Greek experience, is a good demonstration of the flare you can experience dining in Banff.
Photo courtesy of Balkan


BANFF, AB — The last thing I moved out west for was the food. The mountains, the landscapes, the people, the career ... those made sense to me, those were reasonable expectations. But the idea of widening my culinary experience in Alberta (I'm from the east coast) was never in the realm of possibility.

But for the last two years, working as a travel writer with, I've been sampling some of the best cuisine Western Canada has to offer; or, I should say, some of the best the world has to offer. Now, I'm not sure I could go back to meat and potatoes five nights a week if my life depended on it.

The Rocky Mountains are one of the world's premier destinations, and not surprisingly its food and drink live up to that standard. No matter where you go on either side of the mountains you'll find top-tier chefs from around the globe who have travelled to the Rockies for inspiration. They've all brought their home grown flavors and their international flare with them, making the Rocky Mountains one of the most culinarily diverse regions you will ever experience.

The Rockies represent the best of the best from dozens of cultures and backgrounds, and the food is the height of this diversity.

This is exactly why Bon Appetit Banff is such an exciting new addition to the Banff festival lineup. Taking place over 10 days, Bon Appetit Banff will take you on a taste bud tour de force, with over 20 of Banff and Lake Louise's top restaurants participating in this new dining endeavor.

Each restaurant will be preparing unique, three-course menus throughout the 10-day festival, with three options available to you per course. Prices are fixed at either $27, $37, $47 or $57 an amazing value considering the quality and quantity of these meals. Having spent several days in Banff during the week prior to the festival sampling some of what's to come, I can honestly tell you that you are in for an experience. There's no better way to put it.

Over two days I was able to sample six of the participating venues, and I couldn't be more excited to tell you about them. Click below to check out my recommendations for your time during Bon Appetit Banff.

Additional Information

Reservations and participating Restaurant information can be found on the official Banff Bon Appetit website.

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