Get thee to Edson Renaissance Faire


Who hasn’t imagined what it would be like living in medieval times, when bards played, mead flowed and swordplay was the era’s most popular sport? Well, quit daydreaming: at the Edson Renaissance Faire this summer you can experience a full weekend of medieval living, live in person—without the threat of being challenged to a duel (unless you wish!). 

Among the highlights of the event, there’s an evening Celtic concert, leather and metal working, heavy armour demonstrations and a costume contest that encourages everyone to dress in their best medieval finery. 

So break out the bronze chest plates, leather jerkins and kirtles, and head to Edson July 27-28, 2024 for the third annual Edson Renaissance Faire!

Photo: Paul Lavoie
Kelsey Olsen tortures her subject at a the fair, in Edson.

In places like Edson, a rural Alberta town with a population of around 8000, new events often come about as the result of a few people with a dream and a lot of hard work. One of the differences in Edson, however, is a longstanding community tradition of supporting the arts. 

Through the local non-profit arts group CANOE (Community Arts Network of Edson), those medieval dreamers became doers. 

Hasten to the Faire, for medieval fun in Edson

“It’s really cool to create something really fun where people can go and be kids, adults don’t get the chance to play any more and we all need to get out and pretend, explore new worlds and do something fascinating and different,” says Diana Inscho, with the Town of Edson, and the Town’s liaison to CANOE. 

“ComicCons have really taken off, so there’s a thirst for that kind of a fun event where you pretend to be something else.”

Edson Alberta Renaissance Faire heavy armour combat Paul Lavoie
Photo: Paul Lavoie
Tom Yohemas and Brent Ames from Knights of the Northern Realm do battle in Edson.

For the historians, authentic reenactment and cosplay types in the audience, to be accurate: this would be the latter part of the medieval period, between about the 14th and 17th centuries where it overlaps the Renaissance. For the rest, think Princess Bride. 

And yes, if you wish, you could take part in a duel, adds Inscho. “We’re planning to have a “Fight the Knight” feature where you can sign up to experience battling a knight—safely, of course.” 

Guild members of the Red Stags of Red Deer, a LARP (live action role players) group, will be on hand to facilitate some of the fun, as well as the Drayton Valley Horde.

Ready to duel?

Watch The Princess Bride (12/12) Movie CLIP - To the Pain! (1987) HD on YouTube.

Other hands-on activities that will be part of the weekend include archery, participatory quests (with actors/hosts) and a medieval marketplace with over 20 vendors showcasing glass, leather and metal work, textiles, distilleries and mead. (Can you ever really have enough mead?) 

Attend the Edson Renaissance Faire, July 27-28

With prizes offered for best costumes, you can also vie for bragging rights. Or trade your homemade trinkets, barter style, through the weekend. 

above: Brent Ames, Knights of the Northern Realm


While in Edson for the weekend of the fair, make some time to get out and explore as well! 

Edson is home to two golf courses, Galloway Station Museum (with an awesome natural history and mining/natural resources collection), a big skatepark and, just beyond town, Wilmore Park. 

Where to stay, eat and play in Edson 
For more info on where to stay, where to eat and more things to do, check out the Town of Edson’s visitor information

Driving times & directions 
From Edmonton: 2h, via AB-16W 
From Red Deer: 4h, via AB-11W to AB-22N, then AB-16W 

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