Great Canadian Beer Festival

The Great Canadian Beer Festival features more than 170 beers from all over the world. Come explore the brews and find a new favourite, or two.

* 2021 dates pending
Community: Victoria
Province: British Columbia
Festival Type: Food Music

There’s a reason the great Canadian Beer Festival is so great. Over two days, more than 8,000 people sip and sample delicious brews from across Canada. The festival features more than 64 craft breweries and one cidery, making it Canada’s longest-running craft-only beer festival. More than 20,000 litres of beer are poured throughout the festival, offering up attendees the perfect opportunity to discover new beers and support the craft beer industry. 

The Great Canadian Beer Festival will showcase a selection of the best hand-crafted brews from craft breweries in B.C. and around the globe. Meet the brewers, sample the latest beer and cider releases and learn about traditional small-batch brewing.

Read Mike Morrison's take on what to expect at the festival.

Sample an array of craft brews from dozens of beer makers over two days. 

Featured Breweries

Steamworks Brewing

Established in 1995, in historic Gastown, Vancouver. Steamworks had one dream, to create amazing beer using steam power. Twenty years later, they are one of B.C's  best craft breweries  Enjoy the array of unconventional beers. 

As creative as the beers are so are the spouts they're drawn from. 

Dead Frog Brewing

Don't let the name put you off, Dead Frog Brewing is one of Canada's very best craft breweries that focuses on creating innovative, premium quality brews. Enjoy beers such as the Session Vienna Lager, the Bold Belgian Pale Ale, the Fearless India Pale Ale, and Commander Imperial Stout.


Each day - $40 (includes tax) 
Beer tokens are $1.50 each

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* 2021 dates pending