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Between May-October, FestivalSeekers is highlighting the best new music to come out of Alberta and British Columbia. This month features new BC music, new Alberta music, and where to catch live music from BC bands and Alberta bands we love. These bands are on tour this summer as live music comes back!

My band Shred Kelly has been back on the road for two weeks now playing a Tiny Concert Tour across BC and Alberta.

And it feels INCREDIBLE!

There is a magic to live music right now, it is an emotional experience for both musicians and audiences to experience such togetherness after so much time apart. 


For the past two weeks we have been producing our own shows, with the support of On the Road Productions, FestivalSeekers, and PB Pro Audio. We are exhausted and so grateful to be doing what we love again. At least one of us cries tears of happiness every single night. My biggest hope is that this appreciation for live music is something that we can hang onto for a long time. 

That said, there is something special about this moment in live music, so if you do have a chance to go to a live show this summer, all I can say is, do it!

At our shows, there have been a variety of permissions as the world opens back up. I definitely recommend reading the details of the ticket before you go so you know what to expect. Each venue may have its own set of rules of what is expected of guests, so the best thing you can do is familiarize yourself ahead of time. 

Alberta is open for business as usual indoors and outdoors, whereas BC is having events with up to 5,000 people outdoors with a safety plan. Indoors dancing is still not permitted and capacity limitations are still in place until September. Depending on the venue in either province, masks may be required until seated, so check before you go. 

As a general rule, everyone has different comforts as the world opens back up, so be respectful of your fellow concert goers. 

August Spotlight Artists 

Pharis and Jason Romero - Horsefly, BC 

Pharis and Jason Romero are some of the most incredible songwriters of our time, and what is most admirable is that they continuously stay at the top of their music game while living a beautiful life in Horsefly, BC with their family. Their career is one I aspire to create. They seem to be living the best of both worlds. Their Juno Award-winning album Bet On Love is a timeless album that you will be spinning for the rest of your existence. And most breathtaking of all is their version that they performed with The Choirs YYJ. They will be touring around BC and Alberta this summer, and I suggest you catch them wherever you have the opportunity.

Where to see them next: 

Check Pharis and Jason Romero's website for new show announcements coming soon.

2021 Stream ‘Bet On Love Choir Version’ on Spotify or Apple Music Here:

Moontricks - Argenta, BC 

Moontricks are quickly becoming a favourite in both the electronic and folk music scenes across North America, and for good reason. Their musicianship and the way they combine genres is truly inspiring. They are humble and hardworking creatives who deserve every bit of success that comes their way. They are master collaborators, and their recent collaboration with Frase and Fawna is stellar. They are also on tour this summer! Make sure to get tickets wherever you are able to, as they will certainly sell out fast. 

“We just played our first shows last weekend to roaring audiences and the way that all of our pent up energy let loose into the night was profound,” Sean Rodman reports. “Boot stomping with hooting and hollering is on the table again and that’s exactly what we’ve had our hungry hearts and sights set on. So good to be back to performing, connecting with audiences, long road days, having a hangover, and all of that good stuff we’ve missed.” 

Where you can catch them next: 

August 2 - Tofino at Lil Ronnies Beachside BBQ

August 14th - Arts Revelstoke Guerrilla Gigs 

Stream Come As You Are on your favourite streaming platform (Apple Music, Spotify, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Youtube Music, Deezer, Amazon Music, Tidal, etc.) 

Small Town Artillery - Vancouver, BC 

Last summer, I was doing everything possible to make a few outdoor live shows happen while it was safe to do so, and Small Town Artillery was doing the same. I had rented a Park in Fernie and was going to present live music all summer, and serendipitously their tour happened to be coming through town on a night I had nothing lined up. Their show blew away every person in attendance that night, and if it can be one of your first experiences back into live music, it will be an incredible celebration of music, community and pure joy. 

Last year we had to sit during the outdoor concert. I am envious of everyone this year who will get to experience their show on a dance floor. Luckily, they have a tour planned for August which will take them across BC so there will be many opportunities to catch them live. Get tickets as soon as they announce! 

Where you can catch them next: 

August 11th - Arts Revelstoke Guerrilla Gigs 

An entire August tour is being announced any day now, so check their website frequently for more dates

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