Fort McMurray

Fort McMurray, AB – No play on words here or mistyped font either. Winter in the Reginal Municipality of Wood Buffalo is all about PLAY.

Getting on to midnight, we’re close to the sweet spot for glimpsing the dancing bands of colours that can range from vivid shades of green to dazzling pinks.

Shin pads in place. Gloves firmly on. Cricket bat at the ready. Feet in the proper stance. I swing and miraculously connect with the yellow dimpled ball … and it goes about five feet.  


The 2017 Constant Comfort Fort McMurray Food Festival will host a big community celebration of the unity between food that aims to bring people together. Mingle with friends and enjoy delicious food...

Sustainival's first year in Fort McMurray was the talk of the town and fun for everyone - even those hard-to-please teens.

It takes a community to run a carnival. A carnival whose rides, food trucks, lights and all on-site attractions are powered 100 per cent by biodiesel fuel.