Afrikadey! introduces Calgary audiences to a captivating array of African-inspired sights, sounds, and flavours. With capoeira, dance, and drum performances all around, no matter where you are. If you are right up by the stage you will be enjoying a full schedule of top-notch musical entertainment as well. 

Festival Dates:
Festival Type: Arts & Culture Food Music
Community: Calgary
Province: Alberta


Afrikadey! specifically focuses on the talent, energy and innovation of young people of African descent who are actively striving to improve and open the lines of communication between different cultures.

Schedule of Events

Gaining understanding, exchanging ideas, and sharing art and culture are the fundamental underpinnings of Afrikadey! Enjoy world-class entertainment while sitting in the shade and washing down some spicy, savoury, injera-wrapped snack with a bubbly cold one.

Wow you won't believe how much the organizers have planned for entertainment and activity in these three days. It's best you check their site for it all (find link below).


Adult - $25
Youth/Student - $20

Tickets can be ordered online or at all Safeway stores, Inner Sleeve, 100% Legit, Sloth Records, Mayfair Foods, and Universal Hair Salon.

More Information

The Afrikadey! Arts & Culture Society shares the rich creative works of African cultures - from the continent and throughout the Diaspora - with Canadians of all ages and from all walks of life. They create and stage events that bring these artistic traditions to vibrant, joyous life for audiences who might otherwise not get to experience them.

To order tickets, and to see the full schedule of events you need visit the official festival website

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