Kimberley JulyFest

A blend of sports and music makes this a busy and fun festival weekend. Events range from the annual homecoming parade to the extreme skateboard race.

Festival Dates: -
Location: Kimberley, British Columbia

Grab your bocce balls, your zaniest costume and get in on the action! JulyFest goes on all hours of the weekend with the main event  — the Canadian Bocce Championships. There will also be extreme skateboarding, an invitational soccer tournament, a Homecoming Parade, and a night of dancing with some rockin' Canadian bands.

Canadian Bocce Championships

Canadian Bocce Championships happen all weekend and it's accompanied by live music. it all starts Friday afternoon and continues until the final matches are over Sunday. 

Cash prizes go to the victors for best bocce team and best dressed. Get your finest bocce players together and get as creative with the costumes as you like. (Maximum five players on each team)

Schedule Of Events

The exact schedule has yet to be announced but highlights of the weekend include: 

Canadian Bocce Championships

JulyFest Parade

A Taste of Kimberley

Soccer tournament

Extreme skateboarding

... and live music!

See the festival website for updates.

Tickets & Registration

Weekend pass (adult): $50
Day pass (adult): $30
Kids: $10
Familiy day pass: $60

Purchase your tickets here

The Canadian Bocce ball tournament team registration is $250 up to Apr 30, and $275 from Apr 30 on, for a team of four. Register here.

More Information

Like all great festivals, JulyFest needs volunteers to keep the bocce balls rolling. Volunteer positions include: bocce refs, beverage servers, volunteer greeters, ticket sellers, parade staff, set-up and take-down staff.

To get more details and to buy tickets or register online, go to the official festival website.

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