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  • Just because we're sticking close to home, doesn't me we can't explore beyond.

    Try these 6 virtual festivals and events in June that will give you a new perspective on small-town Alberta, BC wine country, coastal creatures, music, and film.

  • Distant drumming and high, dusty falsetto singing carry on the wind. We pass through the shadows of the covered stands, sun gracing the meadows, swirls of colour flying in all directions as drums swell and surge, urging the dancers on. This is how I remember Canada Day 2019, arriving at the Beaver Lake Cree Nation's annual pow wow.

  • Blitzville

    Cranbrook, B.C. is ramping up the wow factor on Family Day Weekend with the new CBK-X Winter Blitzville. Not only is it a great basecamp for the long weekend to cram in your favourite winter sports like skiing and boarding, but now the city is offering an evening of spectacular demonstrations of athleticism, horsepower, and fireworks. And when we say fireworks – we mean Ka-BOOM!

  • A bucolic coastal landscape, where leaves turn the colour of sea kelp and the tide’s emerald sheen reflects the bright boughs of rugged conifers. It may seem peaceful, serene and even sleepy on the Sunshine Coast in autumn, but just as I watched honey bees buzz around a patch of purple flowers at the botanical gardens on a sun-kissed September morning, this region is a hive of activity - particularly in the fall.

  • The Huckleberry Festival at Castle Mountain Resort is the quintessential summer wrap-up party. With good times, great views, and huckleberries, it has become an annual tradition for many, including the Carmichaels, who are here for the 11th year in a row.

  • 5 acre shaker

    We all know when something is done right. You have that sense of contentment, and, in some cases, a feeling that you were a part of something pretty magical. Such is the case with the now five-year running Five Acre Shaker, a music festival with the best intentions as described by writer and photographer Chris Istace, the Mindful Explorer. His life’s work is curating and connecting with communities to tell their stories and help elevate your festival and travel experiences.

  • FestivalSeekers

    Ah yes, summer is here and it's finally festival season. But along with those super fun festivals comes pollution from cars, large amounts of trash, and tons of plastic water bottles. The good news is that we've created this list so that you can be a little more friendly to the environment this summer festival season.

  • Sunset
  • Squamish Beer Fest

    There are a million ways to celebrate Dad this Father's Day, but if your dad is an avid foodie, his favourite way to enjoy it would be spending the day with you at a food and drink festival.

  • It’s already shaping up to be a summer of festival fun. Picture yourself whooping it up at a stampede, trying out your first triathlon (or cheering on your sporty friends from the sidelines), or listening to some amazing young musicians playing classical music surrounded by the ocean on B.C.’s beautiful Sunshine Coast.

  • Like any season from ski season, golf season, baseball, football…any of them, any aficionado gets itchy feet as the season comes closer. So, it’s no surprize that festival lovers are anticipating the season. Who will be on the line-up at your favourite festival? Only the organizers and the singer’s agents know for sure.

  • Wine and cheese and food and wait…more wine! It’s the 3rd annual “WineSpring” event at the St. Eugene Golf Resort & Casino near Cranbrook, and it looks like the best way to start the season with style. For this event, the resort has partnered with wineries, distillers and chefs to create a full weekend event to get you in the mode to celebrate the change of the season.