How to go green this festival season


Ah yes, summer is here and it's finally festival season. But along with those super fun festivals comes pollution from cars, large amounts of trash, and tons of plastic water bottles. The good news is that we've created this list so that you can be a little more friendly to the environment this summer festival season.

1) Bring your own water bottle


Check event websites to see if you can bring a refillable water bottle onto the grounds with you. Many festivals provide free water, with as many refills as your sun-parched body can handle. This ensures people stay hydrated while preventing tons of plastic bottles from entering the waste stream.

2) Rideshare or Carpool

An excellent way to lower your carbon footprint during festival season is by carpooling, taking advantage of any rideshare programs, or by using any shuttle service provided festival organizers.

3) Head to local festivals


To keep your transport emissions even lower, head to a local festival near you. There are plenty of smaller festivals all over Western Canada, so you’re sure to find something you’ll enjoy.

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