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As a journalist, a volunteer, or participant, variously, I have personally stood on stage or behind the scenes at concerts, provided first aid to athletes at international competitions and shared c

Events on Vancouver Island, in chill places like Port Alberni, always have the added feelgood feature of coastal vibes and creative swell.


What happened, and what's coming up for festivals and events in Alberta and BC? Relive the fun with event recaps and get inspired for your next fest experience.


Some of the best festival experiences are the unexpected ones, the surprise discoveries, the spontaneous moments... find them here!

PRISMA festival performance

BC is a popular haven for artists, musicians and creatives, and festivals and events abound across the province.

Magnificent River Rats Festival mainstage concert

June is the month when festival season really gets underway in Alberta.

Vernon BC summer events

Vernon's ready to rock your socks off this summer with rooftop concerts, an extra long Canada Day weekend baseball tourney and Western Canada's largest summer craft show.

River Rats Festival Athabasca Alberta Music

Festival season returns! Check out music, comedy and food fests in Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver and throughout Western Canada.

Crowd surfing

How did now-famous crowd participation activities like these become embraced by festival-goers and live music fans? Join us for a journey through the history of these crowd culture moments.

There’s a buzz on the ski hills, spreading outwards to other outdoor live venues and festivals as we break into spring in Western Canada.

If you’ve been missing live music as much as we have, here is your chance to get your groove back… and even better these concert dates are happening in ski towns!

From live music to the music of the ocean, and from skiing to team challenges, these five festivals in Alberta and BC will get your blood flowing, your brain fizzing and your spirit ready for a new