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Crowd surfing

How did now-famous crowd participation activities like these become embraced by festival-goers and live music fans? Join us for a journey through the history of these crowd culture moments.

There’s a buzz on the ski hills, spreading outwards to other outdoor live venues and festivals as we break into spring in Western Canada.

If you’ve been missing live music as much as we have, here is your chance to get your groove back… and even better these concert dates are happening in ski towns!

From live music to the music of the ocean, and from skiing to team challenges, these five festivals in Alberta and BC will get your blood flowing, your brain fizzing and your spirit ready for a new

Vernon Wild West Winter Carnival Ice sculpture

Let these cool winter events cure your cabin fever, as you embrace sub-zero temperatures and don your coziest thermal underthings to gather outdoors in relative safety.

Vernon’s Winter Carnival celebrates 62 years with an outdoor-focused fest featuring a massive winter playground for all ages, snowmobiling, snow sculpture and more.

There’s reason to dance (or twirl on your skates) once again as a new festival arises out of the depths of winter.

It's below zero and the snow is blustering.

Part music fest, part shop local event, part arts showcase, part travelogue - the Columbia Basin Trust's #BuyBasin Festival, delivered by FestivalSeekers, is a unique online festival like none othe

Whenever our band is on the road, I love to connect with locals at each stop we make and discover new local artists, shops and cafes. It’s part of the adventure of touring.

BuyBasin Festival Fall edition lineup for October 18 to November 10, 2021

Just as pumpkin spice lattes are taking over your feed, we're here to tell you what else will be trending in the next few weeks.

We have big news to share. No wait, HUGE news...