Volunteer opportunities at Alberta summer festivals


There’s only one place that can beat being stage front for a show: being behind the scenes. But how do you get there? 

Simple: you don’t have to be a sponsor or a VIP, you just need to be one of the many volunteers who help Alberta and BC festivals and events happen. 

Why volunteer at festivals? Three main reasons: community, meeting like-minded people and unparalleled festival access. But above all, it’s the community experience of volunteering and being part of something much, much bigger that really generates the satisfaction that keeps volunteers coming back. 

Read this story on the volunteer experience, to get a sense of what it's like.

This summer, consider upping your experience by volunteering at your favourite festival or event. It could change your entire festival outlook. And it will mean the world to festival organizers and your fellow festival attendees. 

Summer of 2023 will see more festivals return in a bigger way as audiences and events regain their pre-pandemic footing. Volunteers are critical to the operation of many festivals, and are always in demand. Everybody loves a volunteer, and you can be one!

Festival organizers, are you looking for volunteers? Drop us a line via our contact page to be added to this listing.

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