Whoop Up Days

Lethbridge, AB – With autumn lingering on the horizon, Whoop-Up Days in Lethbridge is the perfect way to end the summer.


Whoop-Up Days is an annual festival, exhibition, and rodeo held in Lethbridge, Alberta, for five days in the last full week of August


Lethbridge's jazz scene has been alive and well for decades. Experience the vibrant arts and culture in the city during the Lethbridge Jazz Festival.

Corb Lund played in Lethbridge a few years ago, but he can’t quite remember the details. We’ll cut him some slack because he has been kind of busy touring.


WIde Skies Music and Arts is a festival guaranteed to entertain everyone over two-days. July 26 features the free outdoor event next to Southminster Church.



Lethbridge brings a brimming stein of German culture to Western Canada during its Munich-styled Oktoberfest. Yes, there will be beer and schnitzel and sausages, but also the rousing European sounds of...

 It’s likely a few pints of German beer were consumed in the planning of what has become one of the merriest and most popular events in town over the past th

With a loud click, hundreds of lights flick on revealing Mount Fuji. My kids squeal with glee and run to get a closer look.

Burrr. January can be so cold. It’s impossible to just chill (yes, pun intended) and listen to some sweet tunes when it’s so dang cold.

It wasn’t a typical Sunday morning.