Bonnyville Extreme Mudfest gets bigger, better, muddier

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Live entertainment and new venue put a new spin on popular event

Fast cars and mud. How much better can it get?
Photos provided by the Extreme Mudfest


BONNYVILLE, AB — The first annual Extreme Mudfest will be just that — extreme. So, if you’re looking to get a little mud on the tires, don’t miss this one-of-a-kind event.

There's three days of racing, demolitions and challenges and entertainment, all designed to get your adrenaline pumping and your feet dancing. Tweet This!

It’s when the sun goes down that the live entertainment hits the stage. This year’s lineup features local favourites such as FKB, The Trews, Aaron Pritchett and The Road Hammers.

The festival, which takes place from Aug. 21 to 23, is a new spin on the beloved racing event that The Canadian Mud Racing Organization has been offering in the Bonnyville region for the past 11 years. This year the CMRO has teamed up with Fueled by Rednecks to make the festival bigger, better, and muddier.

“It’s the same motorsports show that has been going on for twelve years now, but now we’ve added the concerts at night and moved to the Bonnyville Pro Rodeo Grounds, which is a world-class venue,” says Rick Reddecliff, who has been racing with the CMRO for 23 years.

Motorsports are alive and well in Bonnyville.

The musical acts are sure to strike a chord with both parents and children, with Rock ‘n Roll revival band, FKB, kicking off the show on Friday at 9 p.m., followed by Multiple ECMA award winners, the Trews, at 10 p.m. Saturday’s line up includes Canadian country star Aaron Pritchett at 8:30 p.m., followed by the CCMA and Juno award-winning group, The Road Hammers at 10:30 p.m.

But before the bands hit the stage the vehicles will be the ones turning up the volume, with three jam-packed days of races, challenges and demolitions.

“On the motorsports side we have the Canadian Mud Racing Organization. We have everything from stock vehicles to modified sandrails that are up to 4,000 horsepower,” says Reddecliff. “We line up in either the mud pit or the pro pit and it’s about how fast you can get through the 200 feet.”

For some, that’s quite fast. According to Reddecliff, drivers with super modified cars can do the 200 feet (65 metres) in a mere two seconds.

Those wanting to see some metal flying will enjoy the demolition derby, which takes place on Saturday and Sunday. “Anyone who knows demolition derby knows there’s lots of smashing and crashing,” says Reddecliff. “It’s pretty exciting.”

Visitors will also have the opportunity to see lawnmowers reach up to 130 km/h, with the stock and super modified classes of lawnmower racing.

Get ready for an amazing weekend of mud, races, entertainment and more in the heart of Bonnyville.


“It’s your everyday riding lawnmowers converted into little racers, they look just like a lawn mower with the attachment taken off,” says Reddecliff.

The event also gives motor sports enthusiast a chance to get in on the action by registering for the Tuff Truck Challenge, which accepts any stock vehicle, including cars, trucks or vans. “It’s set up like a motorcross track and it’s about how fast they can get around it,” says Reddecliff. “With the stock suspension there are all kinds of things that can happen, like parts falling off the vehicle, which is why the crowds love it.”

As you can imagine, it is just as fun from the other side of the wheel, which is why Reddecliff encourages people to give racing a try. “It’s the excitement of being behind the wheel, the crowd cheering and not knowing what’s going to happen each time you push that throttle,” he says. “It’s exciting because anything can happen. There’s always the chance for carnage.”

It'll be an exciting weekend with all kinds of car carnage. 

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