Southern Alberta

  • Whoop Up Days

    Lethbridge, AB – With autumn lingering on the horizon, Whoop-Up Days in Lethbridge is the perfect way to end the summer.

  • Brooks Faire

    All around me there’s medieval mayhem and much merriment. Standing at the tournament ring, fighters head to toe in steel armour try to knock each other down to the ground. To the backdrop of the baritone sounds of drums, the clashing swords ring out somewhere behind me. Costumed characters walk by as I hear the herald calling out for the crowd to gather in the tournament ring with the king and queen. It’s time for the height of medieval entertainment – the jousting tournament.

  • Festival Dates

    Knights in shining armour. Court jesters. Ladies in waiting. WHAAAT? Did you just fall through time? If you are in Brooks, Alberta on August 11th and 12th, you have walked into the largest gathering of medieval and historical re-enactments in Western Canada. And you will be amazed at the demonstrations! Come as you are or as you would in the year 1450.

    Community: Brooks
    Region: Southern Alberta
    Province: Alberta
  • One of the cornerstones of Medicine Hat’s pottery industry was Medalta Potteries, whose facilities still stand in Medicine Hat’s Historic Clay District – one of Canada’s National Historic Sites in Alberta.

  • Popping up from the prairies in the southeast corner of Alberta are the highest hills you’ll find between the Rockies and Labrador.  

  • It was potentially a dumb idea. After taking a tour around the Medalta Museum we walked into the artist’s studio and there in front of us was a pottery wheel. To most people it’s an awkward looking contraption.

  • “What’s that funny smell?” My son Finn asks as we sit down at the pottery wheel for a clay experience. “Know what that smell is? It’s Medicine Hat,” says Aaron Nelson, Medalta’s associate director.

  • Medicine Hat, Alberta is known for a lot of things — a big reserve of natural gas, the sunniest skies in Canada, a historic ceramics industry — but did you know it’s also a destination for coffee lovers? #DareToExplore destination tip - fuel your creativity in Medicine Hat via an artisan coffee tour experience.

  • Waterton National Park is best known for its dramatic scenery, sparkling blue lakes, and abundant wildlife, but did you know it has a food festival?


  • It had been more than two decades ago since I’d picked up a musical instrument – a stint playing a saxophone for a few semesters in junior high. But within 15 minutes “Kool” Ray Martens had me laying down a groovy line on the bass guitar alongside a couple of his bandmates.