Fall is definitely upon us. The snow is falling as fast as the leaves and kids are madly going about making costumes to wear under their winter coats.

* 2021 dates pending

Celebrating Jasper's distinction as the largest accessible Dark Sky Preserve in the world, the Jasper Dark Sky Festival has themed events and activities in and around Jasper.

Once again, I’m rifling through drawers and closets in search of misplaced mittens, sweaters and toques. In the background, a weather report calls for 20 to 30 centimetres.

For many of us, Christmas comes and goes in a blur — but for skiers and winter-loving folk in Alberta, Jasper in January is a festive time that keeps on giving.

JASPER, AB – When you’re “winterstruck”, you’re in love with every frosty delight that comes with western Canada’s longest season.

JASPER, AB - Organizers of Jasper in January are forecasting an avalanche of family fun and 100 per cent chance of swirling activity when the winter festival blows in next week.

The second annual Dark Sky Festival had taken over the lawn of the Jasper Information Centre and turned it into a ‘Space Cadet Fair' - a day of sky-themed entertainment and educational activities,

Read Bob McDonald's interesting views on astronomy that he shared at last year's festival.

Yuichi Takasaka has perfected the art of photographing the magical Northern Lights. He uses an arsenal of everyday household items and, of course, his beloved digital cameras.

Every one of us has looked up at the sky and wondered, what’s up there? For those who want to take that curiosity further, here are five items that will help you view the moon and stars...