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Edmonton & Area

Why not spend time wandering Edmonton’s’ green spaces? There are certainly plenty of them. In fact, the only other with more parklands within its city footprint in all of North America is New York, because of Central Park.

Take a paddle along the shores of the North Saskatchewan River which winds its way through the centre of the city. Take in a play, a speech or a volunteer experience.  Feast on the city’s and region’s culinary experiences, from all around the globe. Known as festival and winter city, Edmonton is well versed in how to celebrate the good times and embrace its cultural diversity.

Elk Island National Park, is a gem only 45 minutes east of the city. Glimpse a bison from the local herd and Buffalo and enjoy miles of photo perfect trails teeming with wildlife.  Head south into communities like Devon where you can take in the joys of lake country. Or, head west along the Yelllowhead Highway knowing you’ll soon be in the mountains.

  • Carol Pilon

    What would possibly make a beautiful young lady decide she needs to step out of a plane and stand on the wing while the plane dips and dives above a crowded airport?

  • Alberta’s capital city has some fun and unusual claims to fame. The diverse city is home to some of the sunniest Canadian weather, Canada’s youngest urban centre, and the world’s largest indoor triple loop roller coaster. It is also home to one of the biggest festival scenes in Canada.


  • In this age of convenience, food trucks are an on-the-go foodie’s dream. With everything from comfort food favourites to gourmet dishes served on skewers and in easily accessible wrapping, these mobile restaurants have been gaining momentum over the past decade.

  • Dust, horses and the faint smell of fresh manure bring me back to childhood in rural Alberta. Big cities and professional tours draw broader public attention these days but there’s something about the small town rodeos - like the Boyle Rodeo in Boyle, AB. - that gets me, even though I never really tried my hand at roping, riding or rustling.


  • Flaring nostrils and galloping hooves bear down on me, as barrel racer Ashtin Anderson pushes Rocket Girl towards the gates.

  • Porkapalooza is a BBQ competition with tonnes of entertainment! Enjoy a food festival that explores the art and culture of BBQ. 

  • Barbecue and rock ‘n’ roll (and for that matter, country music) have always seemed to go hand in hand, which is the key to the success of the Porkapalooza Concert of Hope series.

  • What would possibly make a beautiful young lady decide she needs to step out of a plane and stand on the wing while the plane dips and dives above a crowded airport?

  • While many have visited the Calgary Stampede rodeo, the nearby town of Strathmore is home to one of the biggest CPRA-sanctioned rodeos around.

  • Cars and rock ‘n roll go together like peanut butter and banana sandwiches. Which is why St. Albert’s Rock ‘N August car and music festival is a perfect partnership and a humongous hit year after incredible year.

  • In keeping with tradition, festival organizers have faithfully branded the event as the "Folk Fest" since its inception. But as the years roll on, and new and innovative acts make their mark on Edmonton, the definition of "folk" is getting wider all the time.

  • With 33 years of history, it's safe to say the Edmonton Folk Fest is a local institution. Taking place annually at Gallagher Hill, just south of the Saskatchewan River, this four day gathering has deservedly taken its place as one of the capital region's must-see attractions.

  • With years of experience under its belt, the Edmonton Folk Fest is steeped in tradition with a large fan base of regular concert goers that go year after year. This might be intimidating for the first time attendee, but have no fear ... FestivalSeekers is here to give you a few pointers that will make the weekend go by a little easier and turn you into a Folk Fest pro.

  • This year the Fringe will host over 800 artists who will bring you more than 1,800 theatrical performances. With so many shows to choose from, where does one begin?


  • The Edmonton International Street Performers Festival is proud to present the successful Comedy Cares program. Proving that laughter has the power to heal, Festival cast members use their perse talents to bring smiles, chuckles and giggles to patients, family and staff in local hospitals and long-term care facilities during the festival and year round.

  • The Edmonton International Street Performers Festival was the first of its kind in North America. It is known worldwide for its amazing artists and generous audiences. Since 1984, almost four million people have played in the streets and shared a laugh with us at StreetFest. That's a lot of smiles and chuckles.

  • In 2009, The Works launched The Works Canadian Aboriginal Artist Program to highlight the artistic contributions that contemporary Aboriginal artists make to visual culture. Now in its third year, the program, supported by the Canada Council for the Arts, has showcased the work of established, emerging, and celebrated Aboriginal artists from across the country.

  • Information on how to become a volunteer, a billet host, a dream maker, or a member of the Opera NUOVA's Board of Directors.