Northern Alberta

Northern Alberta balances natural space with amazing communities that host great events! East to west, you'll find artist enclaves, music hubs, theatre and spectacle to enhance any getaway. Go camping, hiking, paddling or just go exploring, and build your trip around some fantastic live events. 


On the western side, you'll find festivals, arts and cultural events summer and winter in thriving centres including:

#NEAB #TakeItToTheLake 

Keep traveling east into the land of lakes, rich with Indigenous cultural experiences, musicians, artisans and agri-tourism in:

Keep scrolling to find festival listings from east to west across northern Alberta, in every season!

More things to do in northern Alberta

You’ll never see more spectacular Northern Lights, learn from shared cultures and mix in with locals in friendly, down-to-earth communities. Trails and lakes abound throughout the region, so bring your hiking shoes, book a paddling tour or your golf clubs, and get ready for good times ahead! 

When all is said and done, there's a burgeoning culinary and craft spirits scene growing up north too, so make it a point to check out local farmers' markets, restaurants and breweries/distilleries as you go.